Managing Change in the Energy Industry

Integrating renewables into energy frameworks. Outdated energy infrastructures with increasing energy demands. Ever-changing regulations and political pressures. It's no wonder people who work in the energy industry are exhausted.

Change fatigue is a real thing and it's costing your company. Organizational restructuring, new technologies, process improvements, upskilling...employees are experiencing anxiety and may show resistance borne from fear. Here are some strategies for helping employees manage change.

Effective Internal Communications

Effective communication is essential for managing change and reducing employees' worries. “Clear is kind,” as the saying goes. Transparent communication creates understanding and empathy. When your team understands the reasons, impacts, and benefits of change, it’s easier to work through challenges collaboratively.

Take a close look at your internal comms – not only the content but the frequency and format of delivery. Simply emailing team members is no longer enough when there are so many additional channels to reach people where they are.

Recognize that change can evoke resistance and anxiety. Provide forums for employees to express their concerns and provide feedback.  Quick stand-ups, newsletters, texts, town halls, roundtables, breakroom displays, and one-on-one discussions are just a few ways to send clear, cohesive one-to-many messages and allow employees to engage in two-way discussions. Taking their perspectives into account and involving them in decision-making processes can help increase their buy-in and reduce resistance.

We were brought in by a utility company to improve their credibility and cooperation. Our internal personas, developed through employee interviews, successfully connected upcoming changes to what was important to employees.

Now, their management team has the necessary tools to facilitate open discussions and turn feedback into results. If you want to achieve success in change management, it's crucial to understand your team members' needs and motivations. 


Training and Development

As companies invest more in the energy sector, it's important to upskill your team members to stay ahead. Training and development opportunities provide your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to new changes.

Our clients recognize this, with one company granting their employees eight hours of training a month to upskill. Additionally, managers align work with the training so that employees can put their new skills to use in the workplace.

Providing resources, workshops, or courses related to changes can empower your employees to embrace new ways of working and enhance their confidence in navigating the transition.

Identify Change Agents

Managing change in the energy industry requires robust collaboration and engagement with customers, vendors, regulatory agencies, and governing bodies. Your team should already be well-versed in this process, and collaborative efforts can promote knowledge-sharing, best practices, and resource allocation while addressing any concerns or obstacles related to change

Designated change agents serve as valuable resources for your employees by guiding and supporting them through transitions. Visible commitment to change and unwavering leadership support are essential components that establish a supportive environment and foster employee trust. 

When integrating renewable energy sources into existing energy systems and infrastructure, it's crucial to help your workforce embrace change, given the significant shifts occurring within energy companies. Ultimately, employees possess the greatest insights into process improvements and innovations.

Don't let change stop you. We can be there to support and ensure the seamless execution of your change strategy and measurable outcomes. Let's talk.