Measuring Change: KPIs for Change Management

Appropriate change management and internal communications are critical to the success of your change plan, whether that’s driven by:

In fact, effectively managing the people side of change management can increase the chance of success of the overall effort by 6x. This increases the likelihood of the initiative meeting objectives, and finishing on time and on budget. 

Correlation of change management effectiveness with meeting objectives_11e

Measuring Change Management Success

Change management is hard to measure, though, as it is an effort to inspire, motivate, and change the behavior of people. How will you know it’s working? Your program goals will likely have overarching goals, such as ROI, cost savings, or safety/security (zero incidents). But people are the make-or-break aspect of most plans and you can track the adoption of your change plan with KPIs. Here are some examples:

KPIs of Good Change Management





People: Organizational health/morale
Retention and the ability and cost of hiring  Employee survey
Glassdoor rating
GlassDoor rating 3.5-3.7
Motivation & Engagement
On-time projects
Alignment to strategy
Interview or survey response rate 
Internal communications open/click rate
Response rate 50-60% 
Open 21%/click 2%
Scalability Total training hours/month in LMS 4-6 hours/employee/month of learning, combined with experiences to apply the learning and opportunities for on-the-job training
“Customer” satisfaction—internal stakeholders or external customer NPS rating Quarterly survey, score 25-33


If you’re looking to integrate employees post-acquisition or merger, you need engaged, motivated people who are learning and adapting to new processes and performing consistently for customers.

Looking to change how you serve the organization or an external market? You also need to measure your employees’ willingness and ability to adapt to change.

Moving to a digital-first strategy that changes the skills, processes, and roles of your employees? Make sure you’re monitoring some of the KPIs above.

What are the right KPIs for your change plan? Determine the behaviors you are looking to change and map those to available metrics, or create a simple means of establishing one.

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