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Strategies to help you navigate the waters

You’re leading in unprecedented times—and you can’t over-communicate. Whether your company is experiencing a big shift to remote work, a merger or reorganization, launching a new product, entering a new market, or changing how you serve the customer, communication with both external and internal stakeholders is key. Bring in an outside perspective, along with new strategies and tactics, to signal that it's no longer "business as usual."

That's where Launch Team comes in.

We use our Launch Methodology to design and execute communication strategies that move your team from Awareness to Understanding to Internalization. We can help you establish greater alignment throughout your company, bridge knowledge gaps between departments and levels, and support your company's change from the inside out.

  • Personalization
  • Multi-channel; multi-stakeholder
  • Inspiring action

We help develop a strategy for companies looking to:

  • Move up the value chain or enter new markets
  • Establish unity and profitability after a merger or acquisition
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Spur innovation

Transformation requires new behaviors at every level, in every interaction, from diverse stakeholders with different motivators and needs. By focusing on long-term vision, our change communication strategy can align your teams in order to improve performance while creating an open dialogue necessary to maintain short-term productivity.


Launch Methodology for Change




We've helped companies faced with: 

Communicating a Reorganization

We guided a company through a reorganization and change to a service model affecting 20,000 employees. One of the change initiative kickoff attendees described our work as "the best leadership offsite I've attended in 20 years—focused, informative and energetic".

Moving from Commodity to Competitive Advantage
In a dying industry with revenues dropping 30% year over year, we helped a company reinvent and work through the mindset shift that this change demands.
Shifting from Clinic to Web
A medical device company changed its service model while launching in the U.S. market, causing a rethink of every aspect of the operation.
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