You're going to love working with us.

At Launch Team we take the long view – with clients and employees – and we seek the right fit based on values and drive. We invite challenging opportunities and new perspectives. Diversity of thought and unrelenting curiosity gives Launch Team the ability to create real results for our clients.

Whether you have technical expertise or you come to us with marketing and communications experience, we expect curiosity, drive, and focus. In return, you can expect freedom, kind and respectful colleagues, fun, and creativity in everyday work. We offer competitive pay and generous benefits because we'd rather you worry about the client's best interests than your paycheck.

Our Values

Great marketing minds. Detail-oriented and a big picture perspective. It takes a lot of talents to make a strong team, but more importantly, a culture of respect, curiosity, and hustle. Here are the values that define our culture. 

  • Integrity

    This should be a given. We choose carefully the people we work with and for, because life is too short. We value truth and gentle pushback, alternative ideas, and making only the promises we can keep. People first — even over profits. 

  • Action

    Well-considered action, even in the face of the unknown, helps our clients break out of overwhelming to-do's and "should do's." We fight paralysis to help clients win.  We hire for the ability to deal with ambiguity and a healthy get-it-done attitude.

  • Excellence

    Excellence isn't static. What got you here won't get you there. We believe: 1) the business and marketing world changes fast — we are committed to balancing the new with the proven  2) we're all a work in progress. Lifetime learners are welcome here.

  • Freedom

    When you're competing against yourself to be better than you were yesterday, how you do that is up to you. We believe that work is an important part of life, but it's just that —  a part. With freedom and flexibility, we trust you to meet your clients' needs and your own. 

Open Positions

Benefits we offer

We believe wholeheartedly that taking care of our team is one of the most impactful things we can do. That's why we offer outstanding benefits.

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Learning Opportunities

Pets Welcome

If you believe you could be a good fit for Launch Team, send us your resume. We may not have an opening right now, but we’d like to keep you in mind when we do. Feel free to take a free DISC test and include your results in your email. We’d love to hear how your personality might be a good balance with the rest of our team.