Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Change Management for M&A

Launch Team has supported CEOs and their leadership teams throughout change—from preparing for exit and maximizing their valuation with measurable growth and transferrable marketing and sales assets and systems, to managing the brand transition, internal and external communications, realizing synergies and creating alignment among newly formed teams. The decades we’ve been in business have been an era of intense consolidation in the industries we serve. We are happy to share our lessons learned and expertise in:



Launch Team partners with leadership, organizational development (OD) consultants and other providers to ensure seamless execution of your change strategy, and drive measurable outcomes.


of leaders consider their change program successful


of failed expectations in mergers are due to cultural differences and changing operating models

Number of deals in 2019—expected to grow due to delayed transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions: Organizational Change Management

Mergers and acquisitions are a powerful growth strategy—if you are able to create the leverage you’ve identified. Few do. Too often, companies will announce the news, and then, for fear of the effects of sudden change on employees, leave it alone for a year, maybe two. This creates unease internally and externally, and leaves an unfulfilled promise to the customer.

Where do mergers go off track?

  • Change fatigue—employees hope to ‘outlast’ the new strategy.
  • Leaders have day jobs—driving change that ‘sticks’ requires time and skills many don’t have. Change management program support, implementation, and messaging can help them succeed.
  • Shared vision—operational efficiencies, while often the driver, are hard to get behind. Give them a “why”—impact to the customer, to themselves, to the world at large.
  • Transparency and inclusivity—communicate in a way employees can receive, at every level, to create action.
  • Systems—investment in tech that isn't vision-driven, tied to business goals, and properly rolled out to employees.

Launch Team brings the empathy and expertise to partner with your leadership to develop the strategy, support the plan, and execute and monitor your integration initiatives. We are happy to assess, guide or support in any capacity that improves your outcomes and speeds ROI of your transaction.

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