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A Customer-Focused, Data-Driven Approach

Growing your business starts with creating awareness and need. You succeed when customers see the need, are aware of your solution and take action. That's not a given — the more complex the technology, the bigger the challenge.

There’s been a fundamental shift in sales and marketing. The traditional, linear sales funnel is now a wheel, where successful marketing strategies revolve around customer needs, and marketing, sales, and service work together to attract, engage, and delight that customer.


Marketing Paves the Road for Sales and Services

Today, marketing’s role is to reduce friction as the customer’s buyers journey takes them around the wheel. We start with the basics: why, when, and how customers use your product or service. We’ll look at your market and opportunities from the perspective of your customers, even your customers' customers, competition, and sales force. We understand your technology, the sales dynamics and market drivers affecting your sales, and the proven keys to success of specific campaigns. Why? We're practical, customer- and results-focused, with broad and deep knowledge of the industries we serve.


“Launch is easy to work with and they know our market. Their optics and photonics experience, coupled with their skilled creative team, makes them an exceptional marketing partner for a company in our industry.”

- Jim Sydor, President, Sydor Optics

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