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Change Management Through Digital Transformation

Energy Company Creates Competitive Advantage


Rapid growth through acquisition and expansion into renewables drives an energy company to create a competitive advantage through tech efficiencies. 



Change Fatigue: The IT department faced a lot of change due to multiple concurrent projects, such as data management, transitioning to a new ERP system, using Artificial Intelligence, bringing renewables into the grid and billing system, and setting up mobile routing.  There was an underlying fear of potential layoffs and some employees were resistant to the changes.



Build Credibility and Cooperation:  Shift the focus of internal messaging from projects to vision, transitioning from general updates to actionable and audience-specific communication strategies in order to enhance credibility and foster cooperation.



A new Chief Information Officer, Vice President of Human Resources, executive team and board of trustees, external IT specialists and suppliers, and accounting and field operations business groups. 

Scope of Work

Improve internal communications within the team and set them up for success in the next phase of digital transformation.

  • Conduct employee interviews, and develop personas by segment to understand needs and concerns
  • Develop baseline metrics: employee reviews, Glassdoor ratings, social media comments, internal surveys, and Sharepoint and Teams engagement
  • Create communications plan and set up and optimize channels: enhanced Sharepoint to improve usage, improved user functionality in existing tech stack for email automation and training
  • Generate vision, key messages
  • Design training tools and content for managers to overcome employee resistance to change, engage in constructive conflict, and give actionable feedback. 

Our Role

Identify and Bridge the Gaps

  • Gap analysis and action plan
  • Coordinate across projects and vendors to deliver a cohesive message that matters to each employee and free up the IT team leading the charge
  • Collaborate and execute where needed: training and communications content, board and all-hands presentations, campaigns



  • GlassDoor employer rating has improved by 70%
  • Employee NPS score is significantly above benchmark (75% would refer vs. 45% prior to our work)
  • Utilization of training and upskilling resources is up by over 190%

  • Tools, messages, and channels for the internal team to easily replicate through the next phase of the transformation




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