Gamification: A New Way of Engaging Employees

In a world of ever-shorter attention spans and the scarcity of labor, gamification can offer a way to attract, engage, and motivate your team. Gamification uses game elements in a non-gaming context, a concept that has been helping companies to improve employee engagement and outcomes.

Gamification can help spark motivation from boredom and anxiety, engaging employees through competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure. It serves as a great channel to reward your team for their accomplishments and work. When used effectively, gamification can provide consistently positive feedback in the workplace, resulting in higher motivation, and giving your team a sense of control over their results in a fast-changing environment.


Implementing Gamification

89% of employees are more productive and happier at work with the addition of gamification. There are a variety of areas in that gamification can be implemented in the workplace, including:

Gamification increases motivation, while also being a new and innovative way of learning new skills and behaviors as well as solving problems.

Gamification in the Sales Process

Complex B2B sales processes are long and multi-faceted. By breaking the sales goal down to the activity level and adding an element of gamification, you can tap a salesperson’s competitive nature, while simultaneously instilling daily habits. Gamification of this nature may look like a new sales leaderboard for activities, opportunities, and closed sales. 

If your organization has a collaborative culture, team-based competitions can help to raise the sales bar. Small prizes, individual or team, create immediate reward.

Gamification is multi-faceted with qualities encompassing:

  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Competition
  • Points
  • Leveling-up
  • Goals
  • Badges
  • Fast Feedback
  • Transparency

Gamification in Change Management

Are you looking to improve the adoption of a new ERP? Moving to a more data-driven organization? Integrating teams after a recent acquisition? Improving the time to productivity for new employees? Look to add an element of gamification. Incorporate leaderboards, badges, ‘stars’ or other shared kudos in your enterprise platforms.

Platforms like HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and others have some built-in elements and many add-on extensions to add an element of play and competition. An easy example is the Praise feature in Microsoft Teams, where employees can send and earn a variety of kudos, which is a quick way to boost morale.

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