Building Your Team through New Capabilities in Sales Process & B2B Marketing Strategy


You may have seen our recent announcement that Launch Team has acquired One Down Consulting Group. It has come together fast, but was a long time in the making.


Why this and why now?

Inbound marketing platforms, CRM, and marketing automation have changed what’s possible for our clients, but they have also exposed some gaps.

IT, marketing, and sales are separate silos in many companies. Instead of bringing these departments together to build and execute a strategy that drives revenue, most businesses aren’t realizing their full potential. We often see:

  • Lack of preparedness—no clear marketing strategy
  • Unclear ownership—who should drive this and where do we start?
  • Lack of data—missing KPIs and benchmark data for every step of the funnel
  • Unclear sales process—no real lead follow-up plan

We are able to guide much of the process when helping clients move to an inbound marketing strategy, but as we begin to generate leads, it exposes a new problem: How do we manage leads?

One Down is an expert in this—identifying, implementing, and optimizing CRMs and sales processes that drive revenue.

As the market and technologies change, you must adapt to meet your customers’ changing needs. In the same way that we uncover capability gaps when conducting customer interviews for clients, we discovered our own set of unmet customer needs and began addressing them.


Why One Down?

We’ve always admired One Down’s expertise (in fact, we’ve shared their knowledge a number of times). Far simpler, though, we like them, and we think you will, too. Ron Wille has walked in your shoes—built companies and sales teams, and sold and managed complex programs. He’s practical, business-minded, and a straight shooter. Sarah Holland is a former program manager, a master marketer, and brings organization and action to fast-moving ideas.

I’ve always believed the diversity of thought was critical to our work; this move substantially improves that breadth and depth for the companies we work with.


What does it mean for clients?

For all of our clients, this change means more ideas and big-picture thinking. For those implementing or optimizing a marketing or sales platform, such as HubSpot or, we can guide, support, or do. Even if you’re working with another marketing technology consultant, our experience in the tools and their capabilities can help you save time and money. We are happy to work with your current toolset, vendors, and internal team.

Our promise is the same: to help you choose and implement the right marketing strategy for you. We are as committed as ever to the people and companies we work with and are excited about what this can mean for us, and for you.


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