9 Ways to Leverage Culture to Strengthen Your Brand

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Is your culture a true competitive advantage? In today's market, with little opportunity for face-to-face relationship building, your business culture matters more than ever to ensure a positive customer experience and win the war for talent. Brand development based on a strong culture supports connection, growth, and sustainability within the working environment. Take a look at 9 ways you can leverage culture in your company to help strengthen your brand and promote a positive company.

1. Commit to internal and external transparency. Marketing and communications are more powerful when you cut out the spin. 

2. Model empathy. Deeply embedded empathy will foster a better customer experience. 

3. Go for the no. What you are not is as powerful as what you are.

4. Represent your diversity honestly. Inclusivity will help you resonate with new audiences and tell a global story, but make sure it’s representative. 

5. “Meet the Team”. Highlight your employees’ accomplishments and dedication on your social media profiles. Highlighting just the leadership team is a disconnect from the customer’s day-to-day experience.

6. Celebrate the wins. Promote customers and employees in case studies, articles, downloads, and social. 

7. Put your values in action. Whether charitable donation, industry events, or community involvement, make sure your cultural values match your causes.

8. Leverage external communications internally. Share your successes and stories with an internal newsletter or intranet. Download our guide to internal communications

9. Build your organizational muscle for change. Change is a constant—make sure you’ve built a cross-functional language and skill base for change management.

Brand and culture can highly impact your ability to grow and retain your sales and workforce—learning how to tell your company's story in a way that reaches and resonates with your right-fit customer base is one of today's most valuable assets. 

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