HubSpot's INBOUND 2022: 3 Smart Marketing Tips

The HubSpot INBOUND conference is always a great opportunity for marketers to learn about the latest trends and strategies from fellow marketing professionals and leaders. This year's conference was no exception and as a HubSpot Platinum partner, we came away with new approaches to try, current best practices, and good reminders for us and our clients.

1. Focus Your Social Media Brand

We hear and see a lot of “this brand is now on TikTok” or “we’re on Snapchat now.” But is the time and energy going to be a successful ROI? You don’t need to do all the things (especially if it's just because it's what other brands are doing), you need to do the right things for your brand.

A key message we heard more than once at this year’s INBOUND conference was that you don’t need to be on every platform to succeed on social media. It’s better to focus on the 2-3 channels that are most relevant to your customer base.

Not all content works the same way on each platform. Apply different content to each platform to meet your customers where they are. For example, we post personal, company-focused content on Instagram and share business-focused blogs and downloads on LinkedIn. Try out different approaches, measure engagement, and find what works best for you!


2. Clear, creative B2B marketing IS possible

B2B marketing can’t be creative and engaging– WRONG! It’s easy to get into a content rut producing static and dull blogs. But even in B2B, humans are behind every decision. Storytelling is critical – make sure you’re crafting content that shows you understand your prospect’s problems and you may have a solution.

Here are four principles for compelling B2B content:

  • Clear: Would my mom understand this?
  • Persuasive: Do I know why this brand/product is better?
  • Engaging: Does it keep my interest?
  • Actionable: Do I know where to go from here?

3. Make the most out of your content

Content, content, content – it’s still what all marketers talk about. For some, content creation can be a draining and time-consuming process. Here are a few ways to refresh and refine your writing process:

  • Give good content. You should be writing and sharing content that you would want to read and engage with. If you aren’t, redirect what you originally had in mind.
  • Reuse your content. Writing a blog and publishing it should not be the start and end of it. Reuse your content for omnichannel leverage – social posts, videos, webinars, and white papers are all great options.
  • Create ‘highlights.’ Making a SparkNotes version of your piece of content can help the reader digest what you have to share and read more if they are fully interested.
  • Don’t forget emotion. Create a human connection when reading and interacting with your business. Evoke emotion in your writing, whether it’s humor, desire, interest, surprise, nostalgia, or a combination of several emotions. 

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