AZO Marketing Podcast: Bridging the Marketing Strategy-Execution Gap

“Customer distrust is at an all-time low across sectors. And this isn’t marketing driven, but it is marketing’s problem – it’s a strategic problem.”

Companies have had to find efficiencies everywhere to maintain margins—at the expense of customer experience. These efficiencies have increasingly commoditized marketing—coupled with high turnover and low unemployment, many companies are seeing a strategic gap in go-to-market and project launch. 

How can marketing teams and leaders bridge the gap? Our president, Michele Nichols, joined the AZO Marketing Podcast to give her insight into how marketers can close the gap between the C-suite, VP/CMO, and entry-level marketing coordinators. Listen to the episode for approaches to structure a high-performing marketing team, create a growth mindset, adapt to change, and foster a holistic approach to problem-solving. 

Listen to the Podcast

Learn more about how we work with internal marketing teams to expand capacity, strengthen voice of the customer, improve the brand story,  go-to-market rigor, and ROI.