20 Sales Stats to Boost Your 2020 Sales Game


In our planning and strategy sessions we always center the conversation around data-driven decision making. So, we decided to dig up 20 sales stats to help you build your sales plan in 2020. Want to talk to an expert about hitting your sales goals in the new year? Contact us for a free consultation.

  1. Nearly 60% of buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call with a sales rep [HubSpot]
  2. Customers are 4X more likely to close when referred [Daniel Disney]
  3. B2B buyers do over 74% of their research online before speaking to a member of the sales team [ResourcefulSelling]
  4. B2B organizations with a formal sales process generate nearly 30% more revenue on average [Zety]
  5. The average sales conversion rate across industries is 2.46%-3.26% [Zety]
  6. CRM system adoption increases new sales by up to 29% [Daniel Disney]
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  7. 96% of salespeople quit after four attempts, but 60% of sales happen after the 5th attempt [Zety]
  8. 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media [Daniel Disney]
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  9. 35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first [Daniel Disney]
  10. Only 2% of cold calls lead to an appointment [LeadFuze]
  11. The highest response rates on calls and voicemails happen on Tuesdays, and at the beginning and end of the work day (before 8am or after 4:30 am) [LeadFuze]
  12. Emails with 2-3 questions are 50% more likely to get a response compared to emails without any questions [Zety]
  13. 83% of customers who had a positive experience would be willing to provide a referral if asked, but only 29% actually do [HubSpot]
  14. 70% of prospects watch video to help them make the final purchase decision [Zety]
  15. Only 23% of sales emails ever get opened [GetCRM]
  16. 82% B2B decision makers think that sales reps are unprepared [GetCRM]
  17. It takes an average of 97 days for a referred sales lead to close [ResourcefulSelling]
  18. A properly integrated CRM can provide 245% ROI [Zety]
  19. Salespeople who respond to an inquiry within 5 minutes are over 20X more likely to close compared to responding within the hour [ResourcefulSelling]
  20. Only 44% of companies use a lead-scoring system [Spotio]

Buyers are changing rapidly and sales processes are slowly adapting. It is the organizations who stay ahead of the sales process curve that will see the greatest growth in 2020. If you want to build out a perfectly aligned marketing and sales plan, contact Launch Team.


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