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Marketing People LOVE--Really?

Inbound marketing - marketing people loveMarketing companies talk about appealing to your customers' emotions -- hit them where they live. And it's true: as logical and business-focused as people are, buying is inherently  emotional.

HubSpot, the leading inbound marketing platform, strives to be the technology behind "marketing that people love". As a HubSpot partner, we follow their research closely, but test at every turn for relevance to the markets we serve. PLS works with companies that sell to research scientists and engineers in industries like medical device, semiconductor, defense and security. Not "touchy-feeley" guys.

So how do B2B high tech companies sell on an emotional level? You have to establish credibility and build the business case, but also appeal to their gut and their heart for them to take action. This is a big hurdle: the tendency to do nothing is stronger than ever.

Neal Elli of Empire Precision thinks it's genetic: the first apes that were brave enough to come down from the trees got killed. The ones that stayed put lived, and passed on the tendency to stay put.

It takes a lot to get your customer beyond the status quo. In consumer marketing, you can promise to make them thinner, more desireable, more loveable. In B2B technology, we have to hit different emotional chords:

  • Safety: your track record of delivery and product performance, your position as market leader, customer testimonials: all these create trust--a belief that you're the safe bet. Payoff: they'll keep their job.
  • Heroism: your product lets them do something they couldn't before. They'll save the company money, conduct break through research, get published. Payoff: personal brand and career advancement.
  • Resonance: your brand, salesperson, product and service holds up a complimentary mirror. They see you the way they want to see themselves. Payoff: comfort and prestige. It's the reason you buy a mac, even though it costs 2x the price of the HP. You want to be associated with the Apple brand. This consumerism spills over into decisions you make for the business.

There has to be a business case for the company, but also a personal pay-off. What's your product's appeal?

Our positioning process helps define who your buyer is, and the unique value proposition you offer the buyer and his company. It is the foundation for campaigns that work. Download our Positioning Guide to learn more.

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