Trade Show Planning: Activities for Better ROI

If you are new to trade show exhibiting, haven’t exhibited in awhile, or want to validate your trade show planning approach, read our practical Trade show ROI Guide, which is based on best practices of our high technology clients. 

Booth Training and Planning Activities Improve Trade Show ROI

"We had 8 guys in a 10 foot booth at the last show-mostly for training. Nobody knew what to do." -- GM, Optics manufacturer

"We organized our first-ever all-hands meeting to coordinate with a major tradeshow. A lot of those guys had never been to a tradeshow before. It was great education and told our prospects and competitors that we were a force to be reckoned with." -- President, Electromagnetic technology manufacturer

Like these two companies, many are maintaining their tradeshow spend while rethinking the strategy and broadening goals to include new employee orientation/training and competitive research.

It's expensive and risky: how do you help new employees confidently portray your brand, in the booth and on the floor? Here's what you, their leader, need to do:

  1. Perfect the elevator pitch: Identify, communicate, and practice. An elevator pitch is your company's key message and value proposition delivered in 15 seconds. Write it, video tape yourself delivering it, and share it with your staff. Ask them to practice and present it to you.
  2. Set expectations: Communicate the company's goals. Will there be downtime? What is the mix of business and pleasure? Completed the goal-setting prep sheet in our Event and Trade show Toolkit.
  3. Provide clear guidance: From bad-mouthing competitors on the crowded shuttle to smartphone abuse in the booth, trade show faux pas are common and avoidable. Download and share our trade show training guide. Feel free use this as a starting point for you to customize and make part of your standard documentation.
  4. Give them the tools: Ensure consistency and a great first impression with some basics: 
    • Business cards: Consider an audience/show-specific card with QR code to a landing page on your website.
    • Branded shirts: Eliminate a trouble spot and increase brand visibility by providing "uniforms". Please, do not make women wear polo shirts. Even in a male dominated industry like engineering, optics and technology –there are better women-appropriate alternatives.
    • iPad-friendly collateral and capabilities presentation. More engaging and cost effective than hardcopy collateral.

If you want to be a "force to be reckoned with", not just "8 guys in a 10 foot booth", do the prep work. Download our Free Marketing Resource Kit: Maximize Event and Trade show ROI, which includes:

  • Goal-setting and event planning worksheet
  • Training guide for booth staff
  • Packing list for your next event
Need help setting an appropriate message, strategy and goals? Call us.

FREE Marketing Resource Kit:
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