Launch Team's 2019 Commitments

Here’s a few of our long-standing commitments, and what’s new for 2019:


Real Answers

We’ve always been committed to creative and innovative ways to go to market—gut tested by data. In 2019, we will A/B test everything—and use the data to pinpoint exactly where there’s opportunity to improve conversion.



Last year marked our move from a firm focused only on marketing to one focused on both marketing and sales. This year we embrace the concept of ‘growth agency’—fully extending consulting and solutions into sales and CRM.



Recognizing that the majority of our clients are national and international, and typically working with remote teams, we’ll make a concerted effort to re-think the meeting. From video conferencing, status updates and agendas, we’re committed to making this the best meeting you have all month, and to make our on-the-spot communications on-point and straight to the heart of the matter. 



Our work often coincides with a time of change at our client’s organization. Whether they’re entering growth mode, preparing for M&A, or using marketing to impact culture and recruiting, we won’t shy away from supporting change management. We’ll learn and share best practices for change management, to head off the common barriers and resistance that comes with change.


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