Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary

Michele Nichols, President of Launch Team, reflects on the company's growth and success on its 35th Anniversary while looking forward to future achievements. 

Today marks Launch’s 35th anniversary. It has also been 14 years to the date since I became an owner here. I am not the founder, but I am proud to build on its original promise: relentless curiosity about technology and its impact, a core competency in communicating it to the market; and a commitment to the people we work with and for.  

As we’ve grown in the industries and geographies we serve, we’ve launched 1000s of products and helped companies grow and change.  

This is not my doing. I just set the table. Over the years, we’ve worked with so many talented people I’m proud to know and learn from. And hey, sometimes we have fun!  

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Companies have a growth curve much like people. At 35, we are more aware than ever of our strengths, and how much there still is to learn. I am so grateful for the people who have gotten us here, and who continue to offer their expertise and curiosity to the team.  

So much has changed since our start. Technology’s pace is only accelerating. Desktop publishing was the driver of change at our founding in 1986. Today, we’re working at the forefront of photonics, automation, diagnostics and clean energy. Customer and employee expectations are changing. This past year has been an unavoidable lesson for us all on how to adapt rapidly to market conditions while putting the safety and needs of people first. We continue to build expertise in communications, change management, digital transformation, product launch and company positioning. Decades of stable growth have proven out strategies to help our clients weather and thrive in all conditions.  

Many thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey. Cheers!  

- Michele 

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