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Driving Efficiency and Engagement Amid Change

Keeping Employees and Customers Engaged and Retained During a Reorganization





A global technology company merged all of its US divisions to drive cost savings. Employees feared a change in management, redundancies, and differences across divisions. There was a perception that the company might now compete with some key customers. In addition, the timing of the change plan coincided with the pandemic upheaval. All of this happened in a traditionally slow-to-change industry and company culture. 



Engage and retain customers and employees through all of this change. 



US leadership teams, employees in four sites throughout the US, global parent company, and customers in four markets with different value propositions and product offerings. 


Scope of Work

Understanding, Transitioning, and Measuring

  • Conduct customer and employee interviews and develop personas by segment to understand needs and concerns.
  • Positioning work to define a shared vision for the future and its value to employees and customers.
  • Create a rollout plan and craft key messages for coordinated, well-timed, and audience-specific communications.
  • Manage the brand transition to ensure customer retention and align the brand promise with internal efforts.
  • Establish KPIs and implement dashboarding to define and measure the success of the project.
  • Execute a CRM transition to merge teams into a single toolkit, standardized process, and centralized reporting - resulting in cost savings and improved productivity.
  • Centralize, streamline, and enhance engagement in the employee intranet by populating it with news and resources of interest.

Our Role

Manage Change Through Alignment

  • Translate the global organization's change to focus on employee and customer value, helping to improve cross-functional alignment.
  • Internal/external communications including strategy and execution (video, email, social, on-site updates, etc.)
  • Establish rhythm and channels for feedback loops
  • Determine new decision-making processes
  • Bridge HR, sales, engineering, marketing, and IT to make changes with impact organization-wide




Exceeding Revenue

  • Company exceeds revenue and margin targets each period—funding new expansion underway. Tracking toward $1B in revenue

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