Technology & Process Adoption


Technology and Process Adoption

Whether you're building a tech stack from scratch, integrating existing systems, or introducing new tools— your outcome relies on your team's commitment to utilizing it. Launch Team Inc. approaches every project with technology, business strategy, and your team in mind. 

Recognizing that true digital transformation requires both personal and organizational change, the first step is to measure your readiness. This provides a baseline of awareness, receptiveness, and capacity, and can allow us to focus training and support on the roles or departments that need it most.

We begin projects with a deep dive into your unique organization by exploring: 


  • Business goals &KPIs
  • Departmental structure 
  • Flow of information
  • Efficiencies & inefficiencies 
  • Documentation


  • User interviews
  • Team structure
  • Management styles
  • Training 

As your partner, we're committed to the vision, implementation, and adoption of your company's transformation project. Let's get started—request a consultation to talk through your business and team needs.

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Our Training Approach

The adoption process is not straightforward. Training plans need to support re-training as users begin to adopt the tool in their daily work.

An outside perspective can help create alignment between different users and personalities. This focus is on the payoff to the customer. Shared values can help employees feel appreciated for their role in the organization and motivate them to participate in the change.

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CRM & Sales Process Adoption

HubSpot Migration & Consolidation

Align 2 newly merged US companies on one tool, manage asset standardization & CRM adoption. Our work included:

  • CRM custom configuration of 6 pipelines to support each teams' structures, processes, and confidentiality requirements
  • Develop reporting for each line of business as well as the full-view forecast for the company
  • Conducted formal CRM and sales process training
  • Identified opportunities for efficiencies to create alignment within their process
  • Implemented sales automation to support day to day sales activities and sales management


Sales & Accounting Team Alignment

HubSpot CRM & Netsuite Integration

Provide sales, marketing, and service a full customer view. Our work included:

  • Department user interviews to understand team usage and areas of inefficiencies
  • Developed custom integration for a constant flow of data
  • Provided documentation outlining the new flow of information and changes to processes
  • Conducted team training to maximize tool usage and roll-out changes to processes
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