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Multi-dimensional, vertically focused

We are a multi-dimensional, vertically focused change management and marketing firm that has helped companies in high-tech industries grow, adapt, and succeed. Our experienced, empathetic, and business-savvy staff knows how to partner with your team to set a strategy and execute for long-term success.

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Optics, Photonics, Imaging

Launch Team has a long history working with leaders in optics, photonics, energy, imaging and laser markets. We have the background and capacity to learn your technology, practical knowledge of your business and market, and deep understanding of what drives your customers.



We have worked with a variety of clients in the nanotechnology space and have seen the tremendous impact that content development can have on emerging applications. Whether you are selling individual products or components that increase the capability of other products, we can help you explain your product’s applications and advantages to prospective customers.


Advanced Manufacturing

Our work with advanced and precision manufacturers maximizes growth. Global competition and commoditization have created a huge shift in the marketplace, such as changing purchasing dynamics, more decision-makers and longer sales cycles. To survive and thrive in this highly competitive marketplace, how you present your company matters. Positioning your business as an innovator and applications expert raises your value and opens new doors.


Medical Device/Life Sciences

We partner with companies looking to launch new medical device products or capabilities. In such a highly competitive market, presence and presentation are critical to success. Our team identifies and analyzes target customers for a go-to-market strategy that builds trust, opportunities and adoption.



We specialize in B2B marketing and sales strategies for instrumentation companies looking to grow. Our focused industry experience and technical background allow us to leverage best practices for our clients to quickly achieve the greatest impact.



Launch Team has helped engineering and business service firms succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. We can help you identify a unique value proposition and increase visibility and credibility in your industry.



We have helped a variety of clients in energy and utilities. From launching new products in the green energy space to helping to create and maintain a culture of safety at a manufacturing client for the utility industry, we bring industry knowledge, forward-thinking, and a passion for new technologies to our work.


Government Contracts

As a NYS-certified women-owned business and a federal economically disadvantaged women-owned business, we're available to team up on marketing-focused and change management procurement opportunities.
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Launch is easy to work with and they know our market. Their industry experience, coupled with their skilled creative team, makes them an exceptional marketing partner.
Jim Sydor
President | Sydor Optics