- Case Study -

Leonardo Electronics

Year-Over-Year Gains Through Long-Term Partnership


Leonardo Electronics US is a leading manufacturer of custom high-power laser components and solutions, serving various laser applications in the defense, automotive lidar, medical, industrial, and R&D industries.



Lasertel originally came to Launch Team for a website that would attract and serve right-fit customers. Their goal was to position themselves as application experts and R&D partners in key growth industries. Since that time, Lasertel has merged with its sister company to become Leonardo Electronics US, challenged to tell a new and cohesive story to the market.





Launch Team built and designed Lasertel’s new website on the HubSpot CMS, which would allow them to begin an inbound marketing strategy. Our design team incorporated modern elements to the website to give the brand a refreshed look, including a mobile-optimized site, responsive design, simple navigation, clear call-to-actions, and bold colors balanced with white space. Our technical writing team created content for a new application section of the website and developed two new white papers on emerging applications to promote across the website and social.

Leonardo continues to hit growth targets and launch market-leading technology

Working closely with their business development team, engineering, and leadership, this marketing relationship has allowed for continued growth and readiness for change through M&A, new market entry, and new capabilities.


Growth in web traffic from inbound marketing in one month


Growth in organic web traffic in one month

New leads in the first three months


Increase in leads in 2020 over prior year


Immediately, website metrics showed stronger performance due to a fundamental shift in strategy — their website content focused on real-world applications instead of individual products. Inviting conversations surrounding their customers’ applications through technical content and clear call-to-actions increased the overall traffic and improved the quality of leads.

Through CRM launch, improved sales & marketing processes & automation, they’ve hit aggressive growth targets year after year.

With the development of their new website, this company saw a 110% traffic increase in year 1, and consistent growth in traffic and leads each year.

With the promotion of their new blog and social media, this company now averages 40  new leads a month through inbound marketing.

An email newsletter and editorial and technical papers establish credibility and add value for prospects and customers, engaging them through the life of a program.

Their tradeshow presence has helped to establish them as a market leader, and become an important part of deepening customer conversations.