- Case Study -

Haskel Hydrogen Systems

Hydrogen Mobility Infrastructure- Product Launch for Greater Consumer Adoption



Haskel, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand, is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-pressure solutions for critical applications in hydrogen, aviation, defense and aerospace, oil and gas, and other industries.

Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, based in Sunderland, UK, is dedicated to supporting the growth of global refueling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility. Adding to their suite of turnkey refueling solutions, Haskel’s Nano Range was developed to support the hydrogen refueling infrastructure needs for small scale fleet operators.



Haskel’s hydrogen refueling solutions for large scale fleets including buses and trucks, though successful, were primarily unknown within the market. The Hydrogen Systems Group was preparing to launch Nano, small scale hydrogen refueling stations that met the cost-effective and flexible needs of small fleet operators. Faced with the challenge of being lesser known in this market than others, along with changing leadership in the division, Haskel needed a more formal and organized launch plan to drive awareness, interest, and leads without the prior audience base.








Working closely with Haskel’s marketing and engineering teams, Launch jumped in to organize and execute a formal product launch. Integrated marketing campaigns were deployed to communicate Haskel’s reputation as an industry leader into the hydrogen mobility sector. Educational content development and press releases were key to campaign success. LinkedIn was a large driver of increased web traffic and follow-up sales activities. Web pages and landing pages were used for lead capture and promoted through social media, blogging, and email marketing.

Scope of Work:

  • Product Launch
  • Marketing Content Creation (blogs, press releases)
  • Educational Content Creation
  • Web Content and Landing Pages
  • Ads
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing


Increase in LinkedIn traffic with Nano announcement


Increase in traffic to just the hydrogen pages on the website


Promoting the Nano through blogs and social media have increased leads globally

Better brand representation and awareness in an evolving market, supported by a strong existing brand and reputation

Pre- and post-launch support and nurture through social media, email

"I feel lucky to have found Launch. They are responsive, efficient, and truly feel like part of my marketing team. They have helped me grow sales dollars from leads. Last year, we exceeded the prior year by 30 or 40% and we are on the same trajectory this year."
Irma Aguilar
Global Marketing Communications