- Case Study -


Developing an Online Brand Fit for an Industry Leader


Haskel, part of the Ingersoll Rand family, is a manufacturer of high-pressure liquid and gas transfer and pressurization equipment for customers operating in aviation, defense and aerospace, oil and gas, hydrogen, and other critical applications.



Haskel wanted to increase its digital presence to reinforce their superior reputation and longtime leadership in the industries they serve. They needed to refine their branding, messaging, and establish a broader digital reach in order to better serve their expansive network of distributors and customers.





Launch developed an inbound marketing strategy that supported Haskel's immediate and long-term needs, including technical content development, landing pages for lead capture, social media, and email marketing. One of the immediate needs was trade show promotions. Haskel, while widely known for its reputation in oil and gas, was growing their presence in new markets and needed to establish a presence with those prospects. To broaden audience reach, Launch developed specifically targeted pre-show and post-show emails that were sent to segmented customer and prospect lists. The emails informed readers of the booth location, event details, and offered additional technical content that pertained to their high-pressure equipment needs. The trade shows were heavily promoted on social media both before and during the event to ensure high visibility.

To increase the organization’s digital footprint, Launch additionally started building Haskel's online content library and utilized social media networks to expand viewership. Content development allowed Launch to reinforce branding and messaging. 

By tapping into Haskel’s expansive network of distributors, Launch was able to create content that exemplified the organization’s reputation and gave readers an inside look at the partnerships that Haskel fosters. In parallel with content creation, Launch added a blog to Haskel’s website, giving the content a hosting home and a place to drive traffic.

Scope of Work:

  • HubSpot (full implementation)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Content Creation (blogs, downloads, press releases)
  • Branding Strategy and Updates
  • Tradeshow Support
  • Product Launch
  • Email Marketing


Growth in web traffic from email marketing programs in the first year


Growth in organic leads year-over-year


All-time landing page conversion rate for content offers


Average annual growth in web traffic from 2017-2019


Originally brought on to begin an inbound marketing strategy, the Haskel/Launch partnership has helped to exceed revenue targets every year.

We've strengthened their brand and ensured continuity through divestiture and acquisition.

Post-sale support through social media, email and registration program has helped to re-establish their role as the market leader in their system's reliability.

Promoting key distributors through blogs and social media have increased leads globally.  

Launch supported Haskel's new market entry, new product launches—the latest product exceeded annual revenue targets in by the end of Q2.

"I feel lucky to have found Launch. They are responsive, efficient, and truly feel like part of my marketing team. They have helped me grow sales dollars from leads. Last year, we exceeded the prior year by 30 or 40% and we are on the same trajectory this year."
Irma Aguilar
Global Marketing Communications