- Case Study -


Focusing on the Needs of their Target Personas Through Inbound Marketing and Design


CUBEX provides narcotics safety and inventory management solutions to veterinary practices, helping to ensure a safer, efficient, and more profitable environment.



CUBEX was looking to enter the veterinary tech market, but to do so effectively, they needed to undergo a significant shift in how they marketed to their prospects. The veterinary "business" has changed significantly in recent years, with more decision-makers with very different needs and concerns. Drug controls have also created a need for CUBEX offerings, but with a significant educational curve. Launch was tasked with executing a targeted, customer-centric, state-by-state approach that took the weight off their internal team. 





Launch shifted CUBEX's strategy from "product" to "problem." Instead of taking a product-focused approach, they spoke directly to how their products solved customer challenges.

Aimed directly at CUBEX’s primary persona, the new marketing collateral and inbound marketing campaign clearly communicated features, benefits, and technical specifications of CUBEX products that address real-world problems faced by those who work in veterinary practices. 

Ads, content, email marketing, social media promotion, and tradeshows were used to generate qualified leads for their sales team.

Scope of Work:

  • Marketing collateral
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Inbound strategy & content creation
  • Social media campaigns
  • CRM integration; marketing automation


Increase in leads


Increase in web traffic


CUBEX's integrated marketing is now highly targeted and customer-focused. In fact, in the first 6 months, they realized 68% more traffic company-wide, and  207% more leads.

By implementing CRM and sales/marketing automation, we helped CUBEX increase adoption and customer satisfaction.  With a focused, content-driven approach supported by top-notch design, our work together generated their strongest sales to date.

" The work has paid off for us beyond our expectations. We had a terrific Q3 and Q4 and Q1 has started off with a bang!"
Anton Visser
"I think you are attentive and responsive, and the analytical foundation of the service is strong. There is a lot of steak there, not just sizzle with what you deliver."
Joey Campagna
Director of Marketing, Animal Health