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For every new opportunity, we'll help you map a plan. Enter new markets, launch new products, grow and change. 


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Partners in Growth & Change

On the road to success, the right partner can help pave the way. You'll want someone who knows the route. Someone who can read the signs and support your strategic decisions. And someone who is agile enough to respond to quick changes in direction.

Launch Team is geared for both speed and accountability. Whether your goal is to streamline, boost sales, launch new products, enter new markets, or change the customer experience, we can put strategy into action.  Let's get going. 

"Our branding efforts have paid off phenomenally. We blew our sales goals out of the water and are looking forward to a tremendous coming year."
Rick Plympton
CEO Optimax

Industry Expertise

We are a multi-dimensional, vertically focused change management and marketing firm that has helped companies in high-tech industries grow, adapt, and succeed. Our experienced, empathetic, and business-savvy staff knows how to partner with your team to set a strategy and execute for long-term success.


Partners in Growth & Change


Marketing Strategy & Services

Attract, engage, and convert right-fit prospects with technical content and seamless digital marketing. Realize the full potential of productivity and sales gains with the right tools and technology.


Change Management

For 35 years, Launch Team Inc. has helped organizations of all sizes to drive change. We can increase the success of your transformation plan by understanding stakeholder needs and creating action. 

Practical Guidance

Articles and white papers to guide your growth.
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