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Sales & marketing expertise for science and engineering-driven companies.

Marketing Services

Sales and marketing partners
who fuel your growth

On the road to sales success, the right partner can help pave the way. You'll want someone who knows the route. Someone who can read the signs and make strategic decisions. And someone who is agile enough to respond to quick changes in direction.

Launch Team is geared for both speed and accountability. Whether your goal is to boost sales, launch a new product, or enter a different market, our team has the experience to get you to your destination. What are you waiting for? Let's get going. 

Core Capabilities 


Marketing Strategy & Services

Attract, engage, and convert right-fit prospects with technical content and seamless digital marketing. 



Sales Consulting & Technology

Implement a customer-centric, frictionless sales process to increase the top and bottom line.



CRM & Marketing Automation

Realize the full potential of productivity and sales gains with the right tools and technology.

Product launch plan & strategy guide

Use our downloadable, fill-in-the-blank checklist to outline and track your progress throughout each stage of the launch process.

The guide includes tips to:

  • Map out content creation
  • Generate buzz around the launch
  • Train sales and channel partners
  • Capture feedback and keep momentum

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Practical Guidance

Articles and white papers to guide your growth.