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Sessions Presented by: Michele Nichols, President & CEO


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Culture + Brand: How to Differentiate to Attract Customers & Employees

Who you are and who you’re not determines your growth and profitability. Your culture and brand, positive or negative, impact your ability and cost to attract and retain both employees and customers, and the lifetime value you receive from both. Learn how to define and leverage your company’s culture to maximize profits. This session will include practical and actionable ways to define, build and roll out your culture and brand.

September 11 | 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
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Positioning for Challenging Times

Market disruption—in both supply and demand—can put a ‘pause’ on your business growth, threatening exit plans, employment, and new product development needed to maintain a competitive edge, much less the bottom line. Those who are open to change can thrive. This session will take you through market positioning, and the process to discover and position for entry into new products, capabilities, or markets.

September 12 | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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4 min read

A Fractional CMO to Manage Change & Grow Your Business

Most B2B technology companies have no shortage of demand but lack a robust sales and marketing presence to seize the...

6 min read

The Automation Imperative: Debunking Misconceptions in Advanced Manufacturing

Automation and digital transformation are the next revolution in productivity. This is driven by a severe shortage of...