"Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software revenues overtook database management systems to become the largest of all software markets.", 2017

Sales Technology Consulting

Incorporating sales technology in your sales process can help increase efficiency, enhance internal communication, and allow your team to better customize their interaction with prospects, opportunities, and existing customers. Technology can help fuel the growing expectations for a personalized marketing experience and seamless sales and service, across channels and platform. 

In order to maximize your ROI on technological investments, a sound strategy needs to be in place. This impacts how your team uses the platforms you own and their ability to succeed using the tools. Sales technology consulting can help your team pinpoint internal gaps, process enhancements, solution alignment, and more. 


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Launch Team is a certified Salesforce partner and HubSpot Gold Partner, and is experienced in a broad range of other platforms, including Act-On and SharpSpring. We are able to work from your business goals to help you select, implement and optimize a marketing technology that’s a best fit for your organization.

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