“ROI, when a [CRM] system is properly integrated, can exceed 245%.”

IBM, 2017

Sales and Marketing Technology consulting 

Customers expect personalized marketing and seamless sales and service, across all channels and platforms. With this expectation, companies are leaning on sales and marketing technology to create efficiencies and increase visibility across the entire customer lifecycle.  However, building and maintaining a B2B sales and marketing technology stack can seem overwhelming.


CMO’s continue to outspent CIO’s on technology and this trend is expected to continue.  It sometimes takes an outside perspective to help organizations figure out which tools to use, how best to implement them, and how these changes will impact their employees.  Additional support and expertise can help ensure your technology aligns not only with your strategy but also the goals of your marketing and sales department.


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Support / Process Development
Data Management / Reporting
SharpSpring marketing automation partner

Technology Consulting

Effective marketing and sales technology requires more than great software. You need to understand both strategy and technology to create a strategy that will allow for alignment and prove ROI.

Whether you’re looking at marketing automation software, a new CRM solution, or a tool that can do both, we can help your team build and implement solutions that drive lead generation, sales management and account management. 


We offer:

  • Data, reporting and system alignment
  • Marketing and Sales automation consulting
  • Sales and marketing process and development
  • Marketing and Sales Technology strategies that lead to growth

Certified Partner

Launch Team is a HubSpot Gold Partner and a Certified Salesforce Partner, and is experienced in a broad range of other platforms, including Act-On and SharpSpring. We are able to work from your business goals to help you select, implement and optimize a technology solution that fits your organization.


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Marketing and Sales Alignment

Many companies struggle with marketing and sales departments operating in silos. The web has brought them together, but it takes more than technology to efficiently align them.


Sales and marketing technology alignment increases sales rep revenues by 43%. 

Partnering on your marketing or sales technology implementation can help ensure you're setting yourself up for this success.

We can help with:

  • Tool selection
  • Validation & refinement of current tools
  • Implementation
  • Training